Benefits of Stretching and Flexing Your Body

stretchingThe topic of stretching continues to evoke a lot of debate and controversy in the fitness industry. Stretching is very important for flexibility, injury prevention and a range of motions. You should include stretching in your daily workout as it very important in achieving an ultimately functioning body. Stretching relaxes your muscles and helps in increasing blood flow as well as the supply of nutrients to your muscles and cartilage.

Maintaining a flexible body is very important and here are the reasons.

Improves athletic performance

A part of being fit means you can respond to changing environments and terrains. This, in turn, helps you in building different muscles in your body as well as keeping your mind in shape. When you have a flexible body, you have a greater motor control and the ability to respond to the demands of your environment well. With greater flexibility, you have a greater range of motion around your joints. This helps you utilize the full potential of your muscles. From the sporting point, the greater the flexibility you have, the better your performance.


Better functional movement

stairsFlexibility supports the better functional movement. Being flexible gives you the ability to perform vital movements that you need in your daily life. These are movements such as bending down to pick a pen, reaching for your phone, lifting a baby, sweeping the floor among others. If you are very tight and have a very limited range of motions, it becomes very difficult to perform these tasks.


Prevention of illness

Being flexible helps you in preventing injury and various types of illness. Having a leaner body helps your muscles to react to quick and uncertain body movements as well as strains you encounter during workouts. This flexibility also increases your blood flow to your muscles. It also improves your overall circulation to help you get protected from illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases. With a flexible body, you also have flexibility in your arteries and this reduces risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Good Posture

Flexibility aids in good posture. When you have poor flexibility, you place a lot of strain on your muscles and joints and this is not where strain should be. When you stretch, you increase your flexibility and this helps in balancing the tension that is placed across the joints of your muscles. When you have a stiff muscle, it may lead to overexertion and even the pulling on another part of your body, and this changes the way you hold your body. When you gain flexibility in the large muscles in your lower body, it can help reduce stress on your lower back and reduce chronic back pain.

Getting in shape

Flexibility training helps you to get in touch with your body. When you are working out, you are doing it so fast and it can be a bit difficult to get in touch with your body. When you stretch, you give yourself an opportunity to continue these moves while being in sync with your body. Despite the very many benefits of stretching, you should be keen not to overdo it. When you overstretch, you can easily raise the risks of strain, dislocation, and sprain.



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