How To Lose Weight Through Yoga

Do all various forms of yoga help and promote weight loss? With the many variations out there, which one is the best for weight loss? Yoga has gained immense popularity and with popularity, comes many myths and misconceptions. This guide evaluates the correlation between yoga and weight loss and how the exercise/practice affects our bodies. You need a good yoga mat and a place that allows you to do the practice without interruptions.

Correlation of yoga and weight loss

Yoga, by virtual of being an exercise, contributes to increased metabolism. Some of its exercises are physically challenging and helps in burning calories. The activities that are difficult increase the heart rate, lengthen and tense muscles, and make joints supple and flexible. As a direct form of exercise, and in partnership with a good diet plan, certain forms of the practice that involve speed, high tempo cardio workout and strength lead to weight loss.

What kind of yoga

If you do not have an experience of practicing yoga, you need to start with beginner level classes. As you advance, you will burn more calories in vinyasa classes. These are usually fast-paced series of poses that involve deeper stretches. Quick yoga may help one to lose weight. However, there are a few parameters that decide the pace of your weight loss. Dedication, determination, and discipline should be adhered to, for an effective weight loss campaign. The top sweat yoga styles that promote weight loss include;


Ashtanga is a very hard style of practice, and its practitioners are among the most dedicated yogis. Beginners are advised to sign up for a series of classes to stay motivated. This style follows a similar sequence and once mastered, one can practice anytime at home on their own.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is extremely popular at gym and health clubs. It is based on building the heat and intensity of Ashtanga with many varies poses.

Integral Yoga

Just as the name suggests, integral involves integrating the body and mind with the goal of living a healthier life. Poses such as the cobra and plank positions promote high-calorie burn.

Ways in which yoga promote weight loss

When the poses are practiced under the guidance of a qualified trainer, the benefits will be quick to show. Excess weight can be quickly shed with health restored. Weight loss is promoted via;

– Stimulation of the vital force of the liver

– Activation of the thyroid gland

– The body creates the right pH balance

– Activation of the internal heat in the nervous system

– When moving the body with strength

– Having the heart rate raised up through various moves.

Contemporary yoga forms such as power yoga are abundant in movements that promote agility and calorie burning. Any kind of exercise that elevate your heart rate contribute to fat burning or muscle building of which result in weight loss. For a true weight loss via yoga, you need a balanced diet routine so that you do not sabotage your weight loss efforts with bad eating habits.

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